Deepa Impact Crushers

Deepa Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher is an Impactor designed for the specific application of sand production. It is unique as its productivity is high consuming less power to crush aggregates of size upto 40 mm into sand fines. So it is more profitable.

It is easy to install in any small or medium crushing plant or any quarry site. All existing crusher units can easily add or switchover to sand production by installing Deepa Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher. For this reason, Deepa Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher is rightly known among the users and public at large as Deepa Sand Machine.

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Deepa HSI Crushers are simple yet sturdy, and mills rock into sand fines in seconds

  • Robust welded construction, stress relieved and can be assembled and serviced easily.
  • Dynamically balanced to eliminate vibrations and stresses.
  • Rotor discs are strengthened by wear resistant toughening process.
  • The impact arms are provided with heavy high quality alloy steel castings.
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