Deepa HSI (Horizontal Shaft Impact) Crusher

Deepa Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher is an Impactor designed for the specific application of sand production. It is unique as its productivity is high consuming less power to crush aggregates of size upto 40 mm into sand fines. So it is more profitable. It is easy to install in any small or medium crushing plant or any quarry site. All existing crusher units can easily add or switchover to sand production by installing Deepa Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher. For this reason, Deepa Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher is rightly known among the users and public at large as Deepa Sand Machine.
Deepa Horizontal Shaft Impactors are distinctly different from conventional VSI in that the feed materials have a high momentum caused by accelerated feeding and the high intense impact imparted by the high speed rotor results in much higher production of sand fines. The gap setting between the blowbar and the impact plates can be kept at minimum to acheive high percentage of sandfines.
These features are not available in VSI. Deepa Horizontal Impact Crushers of robust welded construction, stress relieved and can be assembled and serviced easily. The impactors internal hull is fully layered with wear resistant lining plates. The body is of three parts - bottom housing, top housing in two halves, front top feeding side and rear top with impact arms. Front and rear top housings are hinged so that it can be opened for maintenance through a hydraulic system.

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Technical Specifications

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Rotor Size Feed Size Crushing Capacity (TPH) Power (HP) RPM
500 mm x (dia) 940 mm (-) 40 mm 30 50HP 1200
750 mm x (dia) 940 mm (-) 40 mm 50 75HP 1250
1000 mm x (dia) 940 mm (-) 40 mm 100 150HP 1250