Deepa Screw Classifier

Deepa Spiral Classifier is an ideal machine to wash and separate silt and other impurities as well as dewatering sand after wash. It combines both the functions of washing and dewatering and is very effective.
It consists of a slow rotating and gently elevating spiral screw in a tub with an inclined trough and its function is simple. Water is sprayed under pressure on to sand fines in the screen and the sand slurry is gently let into the classifier tub full of water without causing any turbulence. The silt and other impurities get floated and discharged over weirs. The coarser particles i.e. sand settle at the bottom. The double start screw rotating at slow speed rakes up the settled sand particles and conveys up through the inclined trough. This is a continuous process and as the washed sand moves up the excess water in the sand mix is drained back to the tub and at the discharge point a relatively water free sand is obtained.

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Technical Specifications

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Model Dia x Length Speed Capacity Power
SSC 600 600 x 5000 15 30 - 40 TPH 5 HP
SSC 900 900 x 6000 12 60 - 80 TPH 7 HP